The Case of the Past Four Years

As the new year is upon us, I felt it was important to not only summarize one year for me, but four years that I had to claw my way through to become a whole person again. 2021 isn't a "new year, new me" sort of year, but it will be a continuation of a... Continue Reading →

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The Case of the Manipulative Friend

Before getting into this case, it is important for everyone to be aware of the term "friend zone." In reality, friendships happen in all sorts of ways, but for people who believe that someone else owes them something for being a part of their life, the "friend zone" was created. FRIENDS first did this with... Continue Reading →

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The Case of the Cocky Colleague

The male subject, who we will call FF, initially was equally charming and hilarious. One could surmise by that and my instant attraction to him that there was obviously something terribly wrong. First ContactOur first "meeting" was a series of work-related calls, many times devolving into witty banter and silliness. I questioned if he was... Continue Reading →

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